Monday, May 25, 2015


Dear Baby,

April 13,  2015

We got to see your cute little face!  So happy to see you were still in me.  You were a sleepy baby and didn't want to turn the right ways.  Your heart beat was 156 bpm.  According to old wives tales you'll be a girl! The sonographer kept having me cough to wake you up and make you move.  We told our family about you on Easter.  Everyone is SO excited to meet you.  You are so loved and not even yet born. 

Your Papa and I are trying to decide which room will be yours.  What kind of crib to get you.  How many warm clothes you'll need and what sizes!  So many decisions that will hopefully be made before you're born.

We bought you your first little outfits this weekend.  They are so cute.  I hope you'll think so too.

Your fur brother Buster likes to lay on my tummy protecting you and giving you love.  I think he knows you're in there. 

Can't wait to meet you.

Love, Mama