Sunday, April 5, 2009

A birthday letter to my father

Dear Dad,

I thought instead of a goofy card this year I'd write a letter to you about some of the things I am thankful for, admire, and love about you.

I am thankful that you love me! :-)
That you love (or at least like) my friends and treat them as family.
I am thankful that you take care of my car.
I love that you're such a weirdo!
That you don't know any strangers just friends you haven't made- even though this is embarrassing sometimes.
You will stay up late chatting with me.
You like a lot of the same music as I do.
I am thankful and love that you take care of the people you love.
I love that you love bow ties!
You are always excited to see me and Buster. :-)
You don't stay mad at me very long.
You are passionate about things that are important to you.
You don't complain about many things- even when you have good reason.
You let me choose the radio station in the car.
The word "no" isn't usually in your vocabulary.
You don't mind being the passenger.
Even if I'm bleeding you'll clean me up!

These are just a few things and from just one person who loves you. I hope you know you are loved and appreciated.

Love, Sarah Joy

Busy Busy Busy

I've been busy and unmotivated to make any blog post! I have things to post about. Mainly related to my Aunt JoAnn getting married. My Mom and I hosted an Afternoon Tea for her and friends and family and then the wedding was the following week. Also, today is my Dad's birthday.

Happy Birthday Old Man! I love you.