Monday, May 25, 2015


Dear Baby,

May 25, 2015

I forgot to blog when we found out if you were a boy or a girl.  On April 23rd they confirmed you're a BOY!  Your Papa and I decided on Oliver as your first name.

I've been craving watermelon often and Pizza Hut bread sticks.  Nothing much else.  During my first trimester I was all about the tea and lemonade.  This week I've been so hungry all the time.

We've been buying clothes and have a crib for you.  Happy I have all the summer yard sales to find all your baby stuff.  Baby accessories are expensive!  We need to paint your room and set up your nursery but the weekends have been busy outside planting flowers or mowing all the lawn and prairie grass on our land.  You're going to sleep in our room anyhow.  Right next to Mama in your bassinet.

Your Great Grandpa Joe died May 19th, exactly a year after your Grandma Marilyn passed away.  I'm sorry you won't get to meet another family member.

We are still so excited and can't believe you're in me!  Olivia (your cousin) always asks if I have a baby in me.  She wants to name you all sorts of funny names.

My clothes are getting too tight.  I bought bigger clothes a month ago but all summer stuff.  Weather has been strange this May.  We even had a blizzard on Mother's Day!  I need warmer days so I can put my new clothes to use instead of wearing the same few things that still fit. 

We have your 20 week scans next week.  We're excited to see you again.  We use the doppler at home to listen to your heart beat.  Lately you just want swim around and kick me when we try to hear you.  Ornery like your Mama I suppose. ;-) If  I figure out how to upload sound files I will put up the recording we have of your heart.  ♥♥♥

Love,  Mama and Papa


Dear Baby,

April 13,  2015

We got to see your cute little face!  So happy to see you were still in me.  You were a sleepy baby and didn't want to turn the right ways.  Your heart beat was 156 bpm.  According to old wives tales you'll be a girl! The sonographer kept having me cough to wake you up and make you move.  We told our family about you on Easter.  Everyone is SO excited to meet you.  You are so loved and not even yet born. 

Your Papa and I are trying to decide which room will be yours.  What kind of crib to get you.  How many warm clothes you'll need and what sizes!  So many decisions that will hopefully be made before you're born.

We bought you your first little outfits this weekend.  They are so cute.  I hope you'll think so too.

Your fur brother Buster likes to lay on my tummy protecting you and giving you love.  I think he knows you're in there. 

Can't wait to meet you.

Love, Mama


Dear Baby,

March 24, 2015

Today we got to hear your heart beat for the first time on the doppler!!! It was amazing.  It sounded like horses running or a fast train chugging along.  We also hear the swoosh of your placenta. Happy to know you're growing and doing fine in my womb. 

Love, Mama and Papa


Dear Baby,

Your Papa and I got to see you on March 11, 2015.  They say you're due October 21, 2015.  Your heart beat was 165 bpm.  I found out you were in me on Feb. 15th.  I was late and thought "Well, I guess I'll take a test this afternoon".  I had so many emotions when I saw two lines.  I sent a picture to your Dad right way.  He told me to get a "real test" meaning digital.  I did and it said the same thing!  We've been waiting for you for a long time.  Last year was hard losing your Grandma Marilyn.  I think you have perfect timing!  I dreamt about you while we lived with Ali.  You were a dragonfly when I gave birth to you!

Love, Mama and Papa