Sunday, November 15, 2009

more snow!

I wanted Buster to go out and do his business so I could relax and fall back asleep. I knew it had been snowing all night and wanted to see how deep! Buster went out to do the scouting for me. As you can see he got soooo very far before deciding it was too cold. ;-)

I like how he circled back in his own tracks!

I ought to try to sleep some more. We had a late girls night doing some needle crafts and watching a couple movies after Mom made us supper!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Finished Projects

These first two pictures are a hat I did for Julie. She picked out the pattern and the colors. I think it turned out very cute and looks like a pixie hat!

This hat I gave to David on his birthday. I wasn't sure want he really would like or needed and figured he might like something I made. I was right. :-)

This morning I just finished hat for Darol but you'll have to wait for pictures of that. Ali agreed that it's looks like a boy hat though. :-D I have a couple more in my stash at my moms. I think Jennell would like one for her birthday! A pretty pale cashmerino yarn in a seed stitch. I made one for myself but did the bind off too tight so I took it apart!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween is OVER

This was my lone contribution to Halloween. Cute though right?

It's a beautiful day here in Colorado. 60 something and sunny! I wish it wasn't so dark when I get off work. It makes it hard to want to do anything afterward.

I heard from my cousin earlier today and she's having a girl! Congratulations Jennell. <3 I told her "Little girls are the best as we know".

4 days until the wedding and only 2 days until the rehearsal. Eep! I need to get some laundry done.