Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Secret Santa Soiree gifts arrived!

This holiday season I participated in a Secret Santa Gift exchange over at The Coloradolady.  It's always fun getting mail that isn't bill or more junk mail to throw in the recycling.  I haven't had much time to blog but did send a Thank You note to the return address and I hope she got it.  All I really know about my SS is that she's from Texas and must like doxies! 

Alex was a teeny tiny bit jealous when a big box arrived at our door last Saturday and it was addressed to me.  I asked if he wanted to help me and he said YES!  (Isn't he so handsome?)

I took everything out and put it under the tree so that we could have a mini Christmas. 

Then we got busy ripping the paper off!

The first thing I opened was a tin of goodies.  Chocolate, almond bark, and crushed candy canes trees.  They were delicious. 

There was even something for Buster.

He approved!

I love hot chocolate and am looking forward to using this little snowman full of cocoa mix soon.

And what should I enjoy it in?  In this matching snowman mug and saucer of course!

This Lone Star State ornament looks great on our tree.

There was one more large squishy surprise...

He's so cute! 

I love all my gifts and appreciate the time my Secret Santa took to find all the great things I received. Thanks again SS! :-) Can't wait to find out who you are.


Marilyn said...

Sweet things. Each and every one!! And something for my grand dog...lucky BUSTER! Can't wait 'til we discover all the SSS matches! And will be jumping for joy when I get to see you, Alex, AND Buster. Love, mom ♥♥♥

Coloradolady said...

What fantastic gifts!! And how sweet Buster got a surprise too!! Great work by your Secret Santa!!! Merry Christmas!!!

Denise :) said...

What a lovely, fun surprise!! What an awesome Secret Santa you've got! :)

LV said...

Your Santa did very well. He remembered the entire family. I think receiving a surprise package is great, and yours certainly was.

Kathy said...

Love it! The snowman jar is terrific!

Neabear said...

Such wonderful gifts you got! What fun that was for you!! How cool that there was something for your dog too!


Cathy said...

Great gifts! Love the snowman.

Susan said...

Great box! And I'm sure you shared the edibles with the box opening guy, who is, after all, very handsome. =) And something for the dog! That was really nice.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a Texan might have been involved in that gift. What cute items again (I was on the previous post first.) Very fun! Love the doggy card and gift too! Thoughtful! Jenn

Joy Hoormann said...

How fun, thanks for visiting. I still need to get my pkg out and you already got! Great presents, enjoy :)