Saturday, December 3, 2011

Buying Local in Denver

Last night Alex and I waited in line in the freezing cold for the Fancy Tiger Holiday Hand Made Craft Fair. (He must really love me to wait almost an hour in 28* weather!)  The first 100 people in got a free swag bag!  We're somewhere just behind the orange coat.  It was a mad house once we got in but we warmed up fast.  I was trying to find a few great things for my Secret Santa Soiree partner.  I think I succeeded but I guess we'll have to just wait and see. :-)

Here's what we waited in line for...

The silver on this side was sparkly. <3

The front and back of the swag bag.  It's made from canvass so it'll be a nice bag to carry extra things around in! 

Wondering what was inside?  Well, let me show you!

All this stuff was from vendors that were selling their handmade wares.  The contents were postcards, a card, lots of business cards, a few buttons, handmade chap stick, a bookmark, some room spray that smells yummy, a diy ornament from etsy and west elm, a bottle of soda pop that was in the fridge by this point and these drawer knobs!


Aren't they cute?!  They were only in one of the bags so everyone must've gotten something different or it was just an extra surprise?  Who knows! 

Now on to my Secret Santa presents!  My SSS partner is a quilter and since I can hardly sew a straight line without help from my Mom I was looking for quilt/fabric related items.

This cute cactus pin cushion is perfect for my SSS partner since she collects pin cushions.  It was made by the Ladies Fancywork Society.

This fabric ornament made by Erin McAllister will soon have a new home on her tree!  I love the frayed edges on the strips of fabric.

Last but not least as we were heading out the door I spied this quilted note card set, each one different, made by Amy Gibson from Cuckoo for Quilting!  I really hope SSS will enjoy them since she is a quilter herself.

I'll be mailing them off this week along with the other things I've found for my SSS.


Marilyn said...

Cute knobs. Did Alex get a bag, too? You are a very smart shopper. That little pin cushion is darling ... especially since we actually live in a high desert. Glad you braved the elements.♥♫ Love, mom

Coloradolady said...

Just a reminder, deadline for shipping your sss package is the 10th, and please email me the delivery confirmation number!!! Have a great week! said...

Those are neat! Brrrrr I lived in Denver (in several areas of Denver) and remember the cold very well. Mostly remember the lightning and making sure it didn't zap me .... frightening. Snow in August and parking on top of fire hydrants in the winter (piled snow). :) Jenn