Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Temps are on the rise

Dear Baby Oliver, 

I am so hot!  Gotta keep my eye on the prize! Which is YOU. ;-)  You're 24 weeks gestation.  It feels like time is going slow but quickly.  Hard to believe only 4 more weeks left of this trimester.

Still a lot to do to get ready for you and not too many weekends to get it done.  I think almost all the weekends in July are full!  It's hard to get stuff done when bending over is a huge deal and it's 100 degrees. I'll have to start squatting soon.

Your Dad and I got the Wedgewood Peter Rabbit set out of storage that we bought for you when you were just a glimmer in our hearts.

I felt you kicking on the outside last Friday afternoon.  You were having some sort of crazy dance session.  Your Dad got to feel you this morning (Tuesday June, 30th).  He was so happy!  He's been patiently waiting for the chance.  

You're an early riser.  You like to dance around my belly starting around 4:30am. 
Crazy second trimester stuff:  Throwing up!  I didn't have any of that nonsense the first trimester although I was nauseous quite a bit.  I think it's from allergies and all the snot.  It just feels nasty.  I've had a lot of texture issues.  My body feels weird.  I'm having lower back/hip pain and it's hard to get comfortable sometimes.  Belly is getting bigger and rounding out.  All my organs getting mushed.

We can't wait to meet you.

Love, Mama and Papa

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