Monday, December 17, 2012


My SSS arrived a week ago but I've been so busy getting ready for the craft fair I haven't had much time for anything else especially with work. (That Snowman pillow is from last years swap.)

 My SSS gave me a lot of neat things! I received 4 skeins of fluffy yarn, a couple candles (that smell amazing!), a few packets of hot chocolate, some butterfinger candies (that my husband mostly snuck from the stash), kitkats, a cute heart keychain that says I love my dog and a seashell and star fish.

My SSS is from Florida so the shell and star fish is very fitting.

Thanks Florida SSS!  I love it all. :-D

I almost forgot about the bones.  Buster loved them! Thanks again.

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Jackie T said...

Sarah, looks like your secret santa had fun with you too!! I just want to say again how much I really enjoy the package you sent me!! I absolutely love everything and again, what a great job you did on the hat!! I really love it!! Everything is great!! Happy New Year to you and yours and your puppy dog too! Jacqueline :)