Tuesday, February 2, 2010

buried in a sea of pink

This weekend we made valentines. I had to have one ready to mail by Friday for LAMC's swap. I think we were all too tired to really design anything great Saturday night but Sunday morning we had inspiration!

Here's my giant valentine to swap. I hope she likes it. :-D


Marilyn said...

New name! Your things always look cute. The soup cans were spray painted yesterday after school and Sarah said she'd get some other cans emptied for me, too. (Better lids) Have a great day.

Perfectly Flawed said...

Oh that's cute!! I love it!! :]

I BLEED PINK said...

My sister is your swap partner and she called me to tell me how much she loved her valentine!!! Its so sweet!

Barbara Jean said...

sweet owl valentine. what a great idea!!


barbara jean

Nerdy Girl said...

HI I was your swap partner and I just wanted to say I loved it!! I felt like a twelve year old, when I got home and saw I had a package! I think I'm going to frame it,and put it up in my bedroom. Thanks soo much!